Time Scale

After the most common question of “how much does it cost to thatch a roof?”, one of the questions we get asked the most is “how long will it take?” or “when can you start?”

Timing is one of the hardest things to predict in thatching. Obviously the great British weather doesn’t always give us a helping hand.

We work all year round (unfortunately not just the summer!) but it only takes a few big jobs to soon book the diary up. Thatching a whole roof will take a lot longer than tiling a roof as there is a lot more work involved. An average cottage will take 2 thatchers around 5 weeks to complete. Bear in mind that different people have different views on what is an average thatched cottage.

We only have one job on the go at any time, so you can rest assured that you will get our full attention until completion. Because of this we cannot give an exact start date until nearer the time. If we have to leave the job for a day it is generally an emergency to repair a leaky roof.

Most good thatchers will be booked up for over a year, with some booked up for over 3 years. You will be lucky to get a good thatcher to complete a re-thatch in the same year of their first visit. As always, do your research before choosing a thatcher.

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